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Videography is the term which refers to the capturing of videos on cameras, came recorder or any other electronic device. The videography both contains the production and the post production of the videos. The people who perform these are known as the videographers. The field of the videography has been revolutionized and now there are more opportunities and fields in this. A videographer could either work for any news channel or any food blogging or any other thing which needs to be put in the video and displayed to the media.

The work of the videographers:

The videographer does not just end after shooting the videos but he also needs to edit them to make them look high quality and remove all kinds of the issues which could be backgrounds, sounds disruptions and other things. This is called the video post-production because it is done after the video has been shot. These days there are videographers Auckland everywhere because almost everything is getting shot and displayed to the public. The videography is not an easy job because the videographer has to hold the camera in all kinds of the conditions whether it is hot or freezing or raining. They need to be there. Some videographers who cover the news of the natural disasters, famine, plagues need to risk their lives for it. Although some people work privately and shot what they want to and put these on the internet from where they earn their profits but most of them work for the companies from where they get the fixed salaries every month.

What skills you require to be a videographer?

Videographers are the people who are extremely creative and not everyone can become successful in this field. The skills that the videographer requires include the physical strength since he needs to be physical present at various locations to shot the videos. He must be brave to go to the risky areas and must also have a keen and observant eye so that he could pick the minor details and could capture these in the video. Not only this but he also must have the ability to manage the time since he needs to meet the deadlines and must be highly patient because one good shot is not shot the first time but it has to go through a series of retakes to get it perfect. Most importantly the videographer must not just capture the video and put it there but he must organize it in such a way that it tells a story and is comprehensible for the viewer. He must also have a flexibility of working at any time because they may need to go to capture some event which happen in holidays or late at night. The technical expertise of the videographer must include the expertise of the video editing and production software and hardware because these are essential in the post production and film making work. A videographer must know that this job is challenging one and it has plenty of competition now a days and therefore, it requires a lot more passion and effort.

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